Disappointment – Buyers Missing Out, I will explain to you

With the way the Perth property market is traveling at the moment disappointment has been top of the list for Buyers missing out on their purchase to another better offer.

Simply put with the shortage of properties & the demand from buyers, a “frenzy” has been created. It is, what it is!


So what can you do, so as not to miss out?…………… put in a better offer.

If you are making an offer when a property is new to the market & the agent advises you there is allot of interest don’t dismiss it, particularly in the current market. The agent can present other offers, so don’t think your offer is the only one. The agent will present all offers together & then be able to work with one of them only until accepted or stalemated & withdrawn. If the second (stalemate/withdrawn) situation presents itself then the agent will work with another offer.

Basically if there is a chance of several offers being written up then you better make yours the best in price & conditions so that you have the best chance of getting dealt with first…….Ben Ryder